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MALE Cobeco Anal Lubricant is an intimate lubricant with an extra thick and smooth texture. Thanks to this specific texture, the lubricant is particularly suitable for anal use. The lubricant has a moisturizing and moisturizing effect, which complements the body's natural hydration. This way, you experience more comfort and pleasure during intercourse. With MALE Cobeco Anal Lubricant you can enjoy anal pleasure even more.

  • Particularly suitable for anal use
  • Water based
  • Extra thick and smooth texture
  • Suitable in combination with latex condoms


  • 250 ml

How does it work

  • Apply the desired amount of lubricant to the selected body parts and distribute it on the skin. The water-based formula gives the product a light and easily spreadable texture, neutral for the skin. This lubricant creates a soft and comfortable feeling during use. A water-based formula like this will be extensively absorbed by the skin over time, apply an extra lubricant if desired during use to ensure smooth, smooth glide. This lubricant can be easily washed off if needed. The thicker consistency was specially developed for anal use.

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