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The 100 stimulating challenges in this heart-shaped box will take your foreplay to rewarding heights: arousing, sensual, and will leave you both hungry for more.

Foreplay, the appetizer before the sexual "main course," is gaining popular attention, and for good reason. Sensual foreplay not only puts you in the mood, it helps you relax. The daily routine takes a back seat, leaving you free to fully focus on each other and on each other's body. Studies show that the likelihood of satisfying sex increases with prolonged foreplay. Not only does this bring you much greater pleasure today, it also makes your next sexual encounter more intimate and intense.

We have specially created the assignments in this Heart full of foreplay to provide an excellent foundation for pleasant and relaxing foreplay. The tasks on the white scrolls are for him, those on the pink scrolls are for her. Yellow indicates a task that requires some preparation and therefore will be done a day or two later. Enjoy double the fun as you anticipate your upcoming foreplay!

————————————————– —-

Los 100 retos llenos de inspiración que hallarás en este corazón os harán vivir a sexual prelude as debe ser: stimulante, sensual, constructivo el cada vez os sabrá a más. The sexual prelude is the aperitif that precedes the “gran banquete”, y cada vez toma un papel más important.

  • A buen calentamiento no sólo lleva you to alcanzar el nivel justo sino que también ayuda a relajarte.
  • The daily routine toma un segundo plano para dejar paso a prestar atención complete to the cuerpo del uno y del otro.
  • Estudios demuestran que el éxito de alcanzar un sexo satisfactorio increases with an extenso sexual prelude.

No only increases el placer, until el sexo que le sigue es más íntimo and intense.

Las pruebas, las cuales han sido confeccionadas especially para este Corazón sexual prelude form a perfect base for a delicate and exciting calentamiento. Las papeles blancos consisten en pruebas para él, los rosas para ella.

Los papeles amarillos son pruebas las cuales necesitan a preparación especial, y algunas hasta se deben ejecutar algunos días después.

¡Disfruta of the placer of the sexual prelude!

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